"Hand drawn & Unique to Each Artist."
Our Professional Face Painting is known for being, not only, Detailed, but also quick and efficient! 
Include this artistic crowd pleaser at your next event! 

Try out waterproof face paint for Pool, Splashpads, & More!

Untitled drawing (1).png

"Add some SPARKLE to your event!"

Our Glimmer Tattoos are Waterproof, individually stenciled for safe and sanitary application, and last up to 3-5 days, if not 1-2 weeks!

Quick and fun for everyone!


"Take a memory of your event home!"

NEW to Art Me, caricature drawings are perfect to capture moments being created right in front of your eyes!

Socially Distant & Fun!


"Become an ARTIST!"


Our talented artists will guide any student, young or old, to create a beautiful piece of art. Other Arts & Crafts available upon request as well!


"Your unique print becomes ART!"

A great way to capture little hands through art! Customize your painting with any theme or design request. Perfect for small and large events for any age (little baby foot prints are the cutest!)!


"Leave a Lasting Mark with your Guests!"

Perfect for any event to add a fun & unique art form for you and your guests to enjoy!  Henna Tattoos will stain to a beautiful natural brown and stay up to 2 weeks!  

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